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How to write to file without over write current data?

The option write characters to file is not available as I can see. The alternative is format into string and write text/ write file. I tried different option but I have no success with getting newline after every line written to file. I only do overwrite existing data. Possibly it is my design which are messing thing up (I have a number of structures). Advices  will be very helpsome.
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Hi A123,

uh-oh - what a mess!

- remove from your vi all unneeded structures, I only left them in to show alternative ways of solving your problems!
- never ever make a sequence (here even worse a stacked one) with 15 frames!
- whenever you need a part of your diagram more than once: make a subvi from it: when you test the individual bits you only have to give bitnumber and result string as parameter for a subvi!
- when you test just one bit after the other a loop structure will greatly reduce overhead: FOR i=15 to 31 do Test_Bit_vi!
- open a file only once outside the main loop/sequence and do only set file position and write operations inside the structure!
- starting from frame 2 you forgot to set the fileposition to the end!

Even more comments/ideas:
You convert the whole string again and again for each bit you want to test. Why not convert only once and test all bits in parallel? I already gave you a vi which reads in the whole string and converts it to arrays of numbers...

And please:
Stick with your original thread, so others may have an insight how your vi became what is now!

Best regards,
Best regards,

using LV2016/2019/2021 on Win10/11+cRIO, TestStand2016/2019
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Please see the context help for Write to Text File (attached file). It's explains how you can add characters to an existing file. I have also added an example and a screen shot of it.
I don't want add more comments to your programming style but you should really follow GerdW's recommendations !
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