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How to use Counter/timer PWM Pulse as a trigger to aquire data??

I posted this question on the Counter/timer BOARD, but i got no replies. So i decided to post it here.
(1) I'm using the NI DAQpad 6015 multi-function card with the DAQmx Driver. I'm using the counter/timer (counter 0, and counter 1) to generate 2 different PWM pulses to supply my sensor circuit. each pulse is a 1 second in duration. The pulse with 5m.sec duty cycle is the supply for my sensor. (Imanaged to generate the required pulses). 
In addition to that  I'd like to use the 5 m.sec as a trigger to aquire the sensor reading. The DETECTIN POINT should be the middle of the HIGH State of the 5m.sec pulse (i.e just after the 2.5 m.sec point of the high state). Detection takes place only at the HIGH State of the pulse. How Can i read my sensor voltage for this limited duaration (2.5 m.sec) each time the pulse is high.
(2) another point is: how to display the counter/timer pwm output pulses on the front pannel?? 
Attached is the VI i'm using (Complete, and the pulses diagram
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This question has been replied to on this other post.

Thank you,
Raajit L
National Instruments
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