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How to transfer the readings from a multimeter into a PDA?

Which are the different ways to transfer the current and voltage readings to an Excel file in a PDA using LabvIEW PDA module 8.0?
Which PDA must i buy? what must be the specs?
which multimeter should i buy? what must be the specs?
Can anyone help me?
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There is an example on that uses an NI4050 device (plugged into a PDA) to acquire data and port it though Bluetooth or save it to a txt file.  If a txt file is good enough, it should all be there.  Here is the link
If txt is not good enough, you will need to find out the dll calls for Mobile Excel and I don't have a clue about that (for now).
Hope that this helps,
Bob Young
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Hello Anu,

There are different hardware options that you have here. The basic things that you need to keep in mind is that the PDA that you purchase runs on Pocket PC and has either a CompactFlash or a PCMCIA slot in it. The driver that you would be using for your LabVIEW PDA application would NI-DAQmx Base Ver 2.0.1. You can refer to its readme for more information on the supported hardware. Also you can check at this page for more information on the supported devices. About your original question, using LabVIEW PDA you can create a text file for storing data and separate the data points with a comma. So that this way you would be able to open the file in Excel if you wanted to. All the file I/O related VIs can be found in the function palette at Programming >> File I/O.


Chetan K.

Application Engineer

National Instruments


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i cant do with NI 4050 because it needs PCMCIA jacket.
Currently none of the PDA available in the market have PCMCIA SLOT.

Is there any other option?
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There is one DAQ device from NI that might do what you are looking for:
It is a DAQ card and not a multimeter, but perhaps it would work for you.

Hope that this helps,
Bob Young

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