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How to specify license triad for volume license installer

I'm trying to create a volume license installer and specify a license server triad for server settings.  However it gives me an error if I enter 3 servers.  It only allows me to enter one server name.  How do I specify a triad?  For example: licsrv1:27050,licsrv2:27050,licsrv3:27050

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First, I jsut wanted to mention that if you want help with VLM in the future, it is best to post in the VLM specific forum located here.

To solve this issue you have to use a workaround because the Volume License Installer creation process does not support more than one server, and unfortunately the XML files that are used for the installers also won't accept more than one server.

To fix this you can create 3 separate Volume License Installers, one for each server. You can then create a batch file that runs the first complete VLI (just running setup.exe so the software installs also), and then runs the vlmclient.exe from the second two VLIs. The vlmclient.exe is the file that adds the servers to the computer. Therefore by running the first VLI you install the software and the first server, and then you append the second and third server names to the registry key for the server by running the second two vlmclient.exe files. Note that you need to keep the Client folders (that contains vlmclient.exe) separate because you need to run each separately as the XML files have different configurations to add each new server. 
The shortcut for this is to simply copy the Client folder from the first VLI you create, and edit the <server></server> tags in the vlmclient.xml file in the two copies you make to contain the other two servers.

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