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How to solve Error -1074396080 occurred at IMAQ array to color Image

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I am getting above mentioned error.

Here I have attached my screen shot of the error.

Could any one Please guide me how to solve this error.

I am using Kinesthesia kinect driver which generate U24 Bit RGB Image and I want to convert it in IMAQ Image type, But I am getting mentioned error.

But when I am not using the vision acquisition and vision assistant then every thing is fine means there is no any error which I have attached in attachment 2.


Please guide me how to solve this problem.


Thank you very much.

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Create extra IMAQ create or IMAQ copy. The image you have created "untitled" might be overwritten or processed in Vision Assistant.
-Give proper name,instead of untitled.
-Cannot see the code properly, no dataflow maintained 😞
-Where is the image out from type cast going?to Vision acquision or Assistant?
-Please use error wires.
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Thank you very much for quick reply.


I follow your instruction but it give me still same error.

here in attachment I have attache screen shot as well Vi so you have a look.


thank you very much once again for help and time.

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Image type for IMAQ create?
-Where is the Img Dst Out going from IMAQ type cast? to Vision Acquisition or Assistant?
-You shouldn't keep wires hiding!!!!
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Here In attachment I have attached screen shot.

Image Dst out going to vision Assistant.


thank you very much for your help.

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Got it. Are you getting the error in first iteration?
-Probably not. Becuse after first iteration, You connected RGB(U32) output to Image Dst of Vision Assistant(Why?), Can i know what operations you are using in this?
-If you connect Imag Dst as this image, the output of Vision Assistant will overwrite this image based on the image processing you are doing inside it.
-In the other case, where Vision assistant and acquisition are not used, this problem will not occur because you are not overwriting that same image.

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Thank you for your reply.


you are right , that i am getting error form the second iteration.

i want to make simple program for color detection in attachment I have attached screen shot of vision assistant.


what should I do to solve this error.

becuase for comparision operation I need both image files, am I right?


thank you very much once again for time and help.

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There it is, You are converting the RGB(U32) image to grayscale by extracting one color plane which is the reason you will get the error.
-You haven't answered my other question. WIll you use this RGB(U32) image for processing or the image from Image Acquisition?
-If it is Kinnect image, connect this to Img source and create new IMAQ create(Grayscale) for Img Dst input of Vision assistant.
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Thank you Uday for reply.


Sorry for not giving ans. 

I am using RGB(U32) bit image which is coming form the Kinect for Image for processing.

I dont know, if i understand your quesiton correctly or not.

but I am planing to use kinect for color or templet detection purpose. for that i just give its out put to vision assistant.


could you please explain second point.I dint get it.

thank you very much for your kindly help.

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-I am not sure of express VI. But both extract color plane and pattern match both you can try them in labview itself.
-Try connecting Image output of IMAQ typecast to Image In of Vision assistant. Use IMAQ Create and create grayscale image and connect it to Imag Dst of Vision assistant. But i am not sure of this process becuase i dont know whether Vision assistant will take image directly or not.
-Then directly use pattern match and color plane extraction also in labview without vision assistant.
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