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How to recreate this simple VI?

How would I go about designing the block diagram to look like the front panel attached.


Basically, this VI measures the audible frequency of each spoke on a bicycle wheel. Every time a different spoke is struck, it would record the frequency in a different numerical indicator. This would be triggered by the amplitude of the signal being taken in by the microphone. Every time a spoke is struck, the amplitude is at the highest; so the numerical indicator would record only when a certain amplitude is reached.


Basically, the frequency value for that spoke would be displayed, then it awaits for the next spoke to be struck which would then be displayed in the next numerical indicator. The LEDs indicate if that frequency is within a certain range of an ideal frequency.


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You do realize that your question sounds a bit like: here is a picture of a car, how do I build one like that?

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Can you make me one of these:

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This may not be as "simple" as you think it is.


It's probably not too bad though and is a great learning opportunity.


Do you have an architecture in mind?


Have you got basic reading of the microphone working ok?


Are you planning on using a state machine?


Once you've got data acquisition working ok, the interface updates should be pretty straightforward.


Go ahead and post what you've got so far and people here will help guide you along the way.

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@smercurio_fc wrote:

Can you make me one of these:

In the future, maybe? Or is it in the past? I always get confused...

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@Sakeb wrote:

How would I go about designing the block diagram to look like the front panel attached.

I am pretty sure that a functional block diagram would not look anything like this front panel.

If it does not need to be functional, you can just import a picture of this front panel to the block diagram. 😄

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Now that you've done the hard part you only need to connect them with some added components on the wiring panel.


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