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How to read data from USB game pad by using USB RAW-

My game pad is recognized by installing a USB raw device and configuring NI MAX. USB RAW -Bulk .vi is run. However, there is no data in Bulk out buffer. How to read data from USB game pad ?

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A gamepad should not be recognized by MAX. Did you even try the normal windows HID driver and the built-in LabVIEW functions (Connectivity>Input Devices) for a gamepad/joystick? Adding a USB RAW device is usually done when you have exhausted all other options.

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because I am a labview beginner. could you explain how to setup game controller in labview by use Initialize and how to read data from game controller. I create vi to read data by using and Initialize However, it do not work. could you see it  and help me to figure why it did not work ?

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Don't initialize more than once. Place that and a close outside a while loop. Also, make sure you have removed anything you might have done with the VISA wizard and that the controller shows in windows device manager as using the hid.dll driver.

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