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How to pause DAQmx acqusition

    I have one while loop in which I do acqusition (DAQmx Read in loop Start, Timing.. outside). Inside loop I have one case structure that is used to save acquiered data, but during saving procedure, which involves file dialog.. acqusition continues. When I finish saving case structure and back to loop, all data acquierd during that saving procedure is displayed on chart very fast, until it "catch up" .. I hope that you understand problem..
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Once started, you cannot pause DAQmx read, you have to stop itt and restart it

for solving your problem, the best option would be to 'open/create the file' outside loop and keep 'write to file' enclosed by a case structure inside the while loop ( as shown in attached VI)

hope this helps



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    I will check it later.. but thanks for fast answer...
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