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How to pass a IDispatch parameter to activex dll

I have a labview client and ActiveX DLL server. I am trying to pass a IDispatch pointer to the ActiveX server. the code works with VB client but not with Labview client.

Is there any labview examle which I can make use of.
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Why don't you register the DLL and use ActiveX Automation in LabVIEW to communicate with Automation Server instead of passing IDispatch. I don't think labview would directly accept the IDispatch. The only possible way might be to write a wrapper DLL for that.
I have created ActiveX DLL in VB, and called the method and properties on it without any problem from LV. The only thing you might wana keep in mind, is to register DLL and launch LV afterwards.

Hope this would help

A Rafiq
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I beleive all you have to do is change Automation Refnum to a Variant. There's a node in Communication|ActiveX|To Variant to do that and pass the Variant to the method or property.
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