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How to open DICOM image file.

I am trying to open/save DICOM file using LabVIEW, does any one have a sample program?  I downloaded DicomObjects, however, the driver will be expired in a month.  Someone talked about separating the header and the image, does anyone tried this before? 
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You might find this post relevant.
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Hi Kabul:
Thanks.  After I separate the header and the uncompressed-data, I can display the DICOM file now.
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I used the DICOM-VIs and Tools to open a DICOM-Image. They work very well. But I've got another question:
How can I change the contrast and brigthness of a DICOM-Image which I've loaded? and how can I paint in the DICOM-Image?
ThanXs at all....
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As explained in the linked forum above, LabVIEW does not currently have DICOM protocol support but there has been a product suggestion to include this in the future.
Although, I took a look at some of the DICOM custom VIs. It appears that in some of these VIs the DICOM image has been converted into an array and then into an image that IMAQ can work with. After this conversion, you should be able to use a IMAQ BCG to adjust brightness and contrast.
Does this help?

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Thank you. I converted the picture to use it with the IMAQ tools. It is working very well. Althougt the "rainbow"-function (to watch a grayscaled picture) make strange things. do you know the range of the show-image-vi? 8, 12, 16bits?


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Iam not sure what VIs you are  referring to -- you can turn on Context Help (click the yellow question mark in the upper right-hand corner of LabVIEW) and hover your mouse over the VI so you can see the name.

Also, what kind of strange things are happening on the output of which VI? What do you expect to happen and what is actually happening?


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