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How to include vi dependencies in application builder?

I have a small project in which I am trying to build an application.  I am having issues with the build including all dependencies.  In the project explorer "Items" tab, there are 7 files listed (1 dll and 6 vi's).  When I build the application, and try to run it on a different computer, it says it cannot find the dll and 3 of the 6 vi's.  Under "Source Files" for the build specifications, the only .vi I'm able to add is the main/startup vi.  It does not give me the option to add any of the vi's/dll that are listed as dependencies in the project explorer list.  Under "Source File Settings", when I click on dependencies, I have "Set destination for all contained items" checked and "Support Directory" selected.


Any thoughts as to what I'm missing?




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When you transfer the exe to another PC I think you'll find that you have to place the DLL in the same folder and your exe should pick it up.

This is where the installer build can help as it can do that for you.

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I have the same issue when I build an installer from the executable.  Putting the .dll in the .exe directory works, but the other .vi's don't seem to be found.  They are located in the data folder after the build?

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What you can try is to drag and drop the VIs up into your project (where your is located) so that they are not in the dependencies list.

Then you should be able to add them to the "Always Included" table in the build.

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I still run into errors when doing as you suggested NeilR.  See attached for the error message(s).  I put the "LabJackUD.dll" file in the same directory as the executable.

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Are you at liberty to post the complete project together with VIs, dll ?

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Possibly, with the exception of being razzed about proper coding technique!  I'll review and post if able.

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NeilR, let me know if this works for you.  


Edited to add:  As I already pointed out, this isn't the cleanest code.  Especially some of the stuff more recently added.  It's pretty messy!

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