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How to implement of MPC Controller with Disturbance?!

Hi everybody,


I’m new to Control and Simulation toolkit and have problem with implementation of the MPC Controller.


I’ll try to explain about the problem I’m dealing with! I’m trying to reduce the vibration of a Cantilever Beam with help of rolled-EAP actuator. The actuator is located under the Plate and the voltage of the Actuator will be controlled using MPC-Controller. The fixed side of the plate will be excited by shaker. My aim is to reduce the deflection of the free side of the beam to minimum. For this reason I’ve created the following MIMO-System:


Output = [G1(s), G2(s)][ U; disp. excitation];


Output = deflection of the free side in mm

G1(s) = Output /Aktuator Voltage;

G2(s) = Output /Shaker disp. Excitation in mm

U= Input voltage of an actuator


Further I created a discrete State Space Model from this MIMO. I assumed that the shaker is not the Input of the System, but the measurable Disturbance. Therefore I reduced the State-Space Model to a MPC Model without Shaker! I added then the B- and D- matrices of the Disturbance (shaker) to the MPC-Controller VI. To make sure, that the vibration will be damped, I set the Output and Disturbance Set-Points to zero! I’m not sure if it’s correct so! The output and Actuator have also the following limits:


Actuator input signal must be between 0 and 10 volt.

Output of the system must be between -6 and 6 mm.


Since the MPC-Model has only one Input, I except the MPC-Controller to produce a one-dimensional Control Action u(k)! In contrast the result of the MPC-Controller is two-dimensional and unfortunately is always zero!


I can’t find the problem of the system and don’t know how to implement correctly the MPC-Controller with Disturbance.


I would appreciate any Help,

Thank you all,



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Hi Mohsen, did you find a solution to your problem??

I'm new to predictive control on Labview and i have the same problem. 

Thank you 


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Hi Kamelia,


yes I found the solution! how can i help you?! what's your problem about?


Best Regards


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Hi Mohsen, 

I'm trying to find a predictif control to keep my output at 0. 

I've a MIMO system, i wrote the programme but when i execute it i got nothing. 

When i put a sonde, this message ( "no execution") appears, and i don't know why. 

The programm is attached if you want to take a look 😃




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I want to implement my MPC controller in Labview to control the movement of mobile robot

My question which blockes I need to connect in the labview?



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