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How to have multiple inputs for a Pic Ring?

Alright, I've got this program in which there is a pic ring with multiple pictures on a tab page on the Front Panel. And on the Block Diagram the Pic Ring receives a number through a numeric indicator. There are multiple boolean variables set up and depending on which one is true that dictates which number the indicator pushes on to the Pic Ring. However, I can only connect one boolean up to the indicator at a time. If I connect mutliple wires to the indicator the wires become broken immediately. I have a screen shot depicting the setup in the Block Diagram.


Anyway, my question is basically how to setup a numeric indicator for a Pic Ring to have multiple inputs?

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You will probably need some sort of case structure to determine your input.


It looks to me like you are searching a common string for whether it contains Valve1, Valve2, Valve3 and so on.  Depending on which one it finds you are outputting that picture.  I would need more information as to what exactly you were doing, but I might look in the string for "Valve" then a number and feed that output into a case structure.  For instance if you find Valve3 in the string you send the input corresponding to Valve3 into the picture ring

Matt J | National Instruments | CLA
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