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How to fix the fluke 5500a error code 1004

My Fluke 5500A encountered  an error code 1004, does anybody help me the solve the problem.


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Hello ,

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You are not being very specific about when and where are you getting this error. Anyway maybe this will help.

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Hi, I have a Fluke 5500A but I can´t communicate with LabVIEW, also, with Hyperterminal is working, could you help me please?because in Initialize.VI I have an error whose code is -1074001421 or for its hexadecimal representation (0xBFFC09F3).

Thank you.

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When does this occur? Are you running the initialize function before anything else? This will call the Default Instrument Setup function which sets the user data for the actual instrument being used. As the error popup says, the BFFC09F3 error means "Required Instrument model is not available."

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yes, I used first, I solved the problem, but sometimes that error appears again. Do you know the reason?

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I don't know the reason. It would help if you attached your code.

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