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How to enable HS488

Hello, may I ask how to enable HS488 to allow high-speed communication between PCIe-GPIB card and HS488 compatible instrument? 

I learned that I should set a non-zero cable length in NI MAX. Is there something else I should do in LabVIEW, which I am using for programming? 

Thank you. 

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I suggest you search the Web with "HS488 LabVIEW" and take a look at the "hits" you get.  You could also open MAX, expand "Devices and Interfaces" and "Software" and attach a screen shot so we can "see what you have".  What version (year and 32/64 bittedness) of LabVIEW are you running?  Have you tried running a Test Panel on the HS488 device and seeing whether you can get a response from the device?


Do you have a manual for the device you are trying to see?  Can you attach a copy for us to see?


Bob Schor

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Thanks, Bob. 


I am trying to use TNT4882-BQ chip to enable an HS488 communication between the host PC and my lab facility. Thus, I have no manual for the instrument now, and I am drafting it. 🙂

But the NI MAX was very helpful and I have figured out how to set the HS488 in LabVIEW. Just in case someone else wants to try, I attached my setting for the test. The handshake captured by a logic analyzer is also attached. 






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