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How to decode Google map polyline from 64base to decimal number

I need help decoding Google map polyline ASCII characters to decimal point. Can someone please help, I have tried few example on NI website but they do not produce desired results. I need something that is going to work like Googles decoder utility here. They have explanation how to encode here. It there some function in Labview that can do this.

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since you have the encoding mechanism totally explained, all you have to do is reversing it and then get the values you need

Engage! using LV2015
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Well, there are many ways to do all that. Here's a quick attempt that seem to produce the correct numbers. (within ~1e-5).

This is just a very quick draft of a very literal translation. I am sure it could be streamlined quite a bit more. 😉


(LabVIEW 2014. Let me know if you need an older version)


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Thank you.  Can you please uplod files for labview 2013. 



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@Nermin wrote:

Thank you.  Can you please uplod files for labview 2013. 

Try this....


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Interesting topic!

Still I can't use it because I'm running Labview 2012... Smiley Sad


is it possible to convert the code to LV2012?


Thanks in advance,

Pieter Blok

The Netherlands

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