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How to create simple path map??



I have robot and I can control by labview, name of robot is Drjaguar and I want to move robot form one point to another point which are fixed.

Initially thinking is there are no any obstacles in the path.


Could any one Please guide me that how can I do so that my robot move form one point to another point when I run my vi.

I am working in laboratory so I want to run my robot in that area.

I have looked at the path planning vi (     and , but I  didn't get it means I understand logic of  that vi but how can I generate map for my laboratory and how can I mentions this is starting point and this is ending point.


Please guide me.


Thank you very much in advance for your time.

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as described in the documents (An introduction to A* Path Planning (using LabVIEW)) you can build a map of your room using an 2D array of non-zero values. How to do that is also shown in the attached VI of the document. Did you try that already? Or do you want a fancier view of the room?


The VI also shows you how to define a starting and ending point. 


I think the document provides all the information you are looking for.




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Thank you very much for your reply.


I tried that already but I am not getting how to control my robot using that map for example where to give command to go forward and where to give command for take right or left like this.

Is it possible to have fancier look for room in this vi.??


Thank you very much for your help and time again.


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