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How to create a "right click menu"?

I am creating a treeview control i LV. When a user right click in the
treeview, I want a menu to pop up.
How do I do that?
I know that it works in both C++ and VB.

Regards Richard
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Take a look at

Perhaps Wiebe is willing to help you too ...

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Sure I am... I've already send it Richard.



"mino" wrote in message
> Take a look at
> Perhaps Wiebe is willing to help you too ...
> HTH,
> Michael
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Hello, sorry for hi-jacking the thread, but would it be possible to recieve a copy of the file you sent to Richard as I have exact same problem.

Thanks in advance
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If you are using LV 8.x, each control should have a right click menu option in its Advanced menu. You can monitor these with the event structure.

If you don't, there were several implementations posted both here and to the LAVA forums. Try searching for "right click" or "context menu".

Try to take over the world!
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@Yorky wrote:
Hello, sorry for hi-jacking the thread,...


Did you realize that the thread you hijacked was over 4 years old??! 😮

Many things have changed since, for example (as tst pointed out above), LabVIEW 8+ has this feature built-in. 🙂 What is your LabVIEW version?

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Hey, thanks for your replies. I realised it was an older thread but didn't realise it was 4 years old thread, oops

I am using LabVIEW 7.1 and I cannot find any help in the help files or in the example finder... and the result that matched my problem most via the search on here was this. Again sorry for dragging up old posts, I know it isn't ideal but it usually beats making a new one 😉

I will check out the LAVA forums for examples of how to do this, could anyone give me a pointer to where those forums can be found? I'm sorta new to these LabVIEW forums Smiley Happy

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Hi Yorky
I've developed a popup menu toolkit that should help you out, take a look.
Its compatible with LabVIEW 7.0 and up, includes demos and documentation.
Kurt Friday
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Ahh, brilliant!! Thanks Kurt, it's much appreciated!

Smiley Very Happy
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Hi Yorky,

If you wish to do it by yourself, see the below link.Smiley Wink

Also, DO see the attached Vi in LV 7.1.

- Partha ( CLD until Oct 2024 🙂 )
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