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How to control Arcus Technology's PMX 2 ED motion controller using labVIEW

Please guide me, for controlling the PMX 2 ED using labVIEW.


Please let me know if any one has used labVIEW for this before.

Thank you. 

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There seem to be USB drivers for that device. Have you installed them? Was there a DLL provided? If so, you can call the DLL functions using Call Library Function. Do they have a software programming manual?
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Thank you for instant reply. I downloaded the driver. Its not helping to run it using labVIEW. They do not provide DLL. They provide some VI. Its not helping much. Thank you.
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Well, I don't have the instrument or the drivers so can you provide some details into this VI that they provided? Perhaps if you upload it  (assuming the license agreement for the software allows you to do so).
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Thank you. just few minutes ago I could make the motor run using the VI they have provided.

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I am aware the chances of someone replying 12 years later is small but any help would be very much appreciated. I need to control a PMX-4ET-SA Arcus Controller also using LabView. As someone seems to have achieved this before on forum, I was wondering if there method or starting points could be uploaded?


Thanks, Gaetan

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