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How to communicate with Firewire card - DP Firewire 800 PCIe (NN-FW0012-S1)

Hello everyone,


Recently I purchased Fire wire card 1394b 800mb/s - DP Firewire 800 PCIe (NN-FW0012-S1) from SIIG (Manufacturer). Would like to communicate with this Firewire card using LabVIEW Software. need to know how to initialize the card and create a handle for sending and receiving the data. It would be great if you send some example VIs for this.


Please help to make a communication with Fire wire card and let me know if you need more information.


Thanks for your support in advance.



Durai S

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When you plug in the card and start MAX (Measurement and Automation eXplorer), does the card show up in Devices and Interfaces (it might show up under Network Devices)?  


I have a colleague using LabVIEW with some cameras connectted to a Firewire interface.  I'm not "in" today, but if you haven't gotten a definitive answer by this evening, I'll check out his lab tomorrow.


Bob Schor 

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Hi Bob Schor,


As I said earlier, Firewire card was purchased from SIIG(Manufacturer). Since It is third party device, will this device get detected in NI MAX?



Thanks for your support in advance.



Durai S

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