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How to change label of a cluster

Is it possible to change the Label of individual cluster elements

I am trying like this
in my program i will have a set of labels assigned like Alphabets & Numerics
from the combo box if i select Alphabets the cluster elements (LED) label should change to A B C D..
If i select Numeric label from the combo box the labels of the cluster elements (LED) should change from A B C D.. to 1 2 3 4...

How to do this
thank you

I am using LabView 7.1
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You can use the label property of the cluster property node.
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If you get the output error on the property node, you'll see that error 1073 comes out because the "label" is readble only.

What you can do is change the caption like shown in the exemple attached.

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Antoine Chalons

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Use caption instead of label in visible items for the control/indicator

Label cannnot be changed using a property node, whereas a caption can be changed programatically


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