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How do you separate UDP data streams

Hi.  I'm currently using LabVIEW 2013  to read in a UDP data stream (packet) that contains various parameters.  I am successful in receiving the UDP packet using the UDP Open and UDP Read vi.  On the data out of the UDP Read I have it running into the "Unflatten to String" function and the type I have created a cluster containing 32-bit floating point (Single Precision in LabVIEW) numeric constant, since that is the type of data I am receiving.  To be able to separate the different parameters coming in, I have created the same number of numeric constants blocks to equal the number of parameters.  Is there an easier way to separate the data from the UDP data out so that I don't have to create so many numeric constants to represent the same number of data I have coming in?  Sometimes we will way more than what is listed below.


Any help will be appreciated.  Thank you in advanced

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If all the data is the same type, then you can wire an array as the datatype instead of a cluster. Set the "data includes array or string size" input to False (the default is True). The output will be an array, and you can index out the values you want.

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