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How do you get the tag of a tree control's last-clicked row?

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The API for tree controls is infuriatingly obtuse. 😠


In response to an event not fired by the tree control, I need to query the currently selected item in the tree and get its tag so I can manipulate the item and its children. How is this done? I found the "Set Tag" method, but there's no "Get Tag". In fact, the only way to get any item's tag appears to be through the "Point to Row Column" method, which takes a pair of pane coordinates as input! It's baffling!

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I believe the value of control is the currently selected tag, so just read the terminal.

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Oh jeez. The tree's value is the tag of its currently selected item. It's so easy that I never thought to look there for it, given the complexity of almost every other action in the API.



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