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How do i take various values from a DSPIC30f board into labview through a serial connection

I am new to Labview and have poor C knowledge.  Three inputs are being put into the input ports of the DSPIC30f board.  I am intending to take these outputs through a max232 chip to make the TTL/logic conversion allowing for +3/-3 logic at the max232 output.  I have then wired this to a Dtype 9 pin serial port.  The wiring itself should not be a problem,  I believe I have written a labview program that will multiply volts and currents allowing for VI and PV curves to be plotted as well as trying to seperate the individual values for a table.  However I am having problems writing the handshake to take these values into the program.


Any advice on both the labview handshake development and some guidance on the program i should upload to the pic board to draw these values on each handshake would be very much appreciated.

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I would really appreciate any advice, I am trying to sort out the DSPIC30f communication using UART. I am trying to get a DSPIC30f board to communicate with labview via a max232 chip and a RS232 connection.  My labview program should hopefully work but i need to program the PIC board to receive the handshake. My Labview program is made to 'visa write' the letter A to the board, then I want the board to to receive this and send the first piece of data back (the data taken in at RB0).  labview will then send the letter B and receive the second voltage reading (RB1)... C etc... Any advice would be much appreciated.

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Hello Yay4sebbe,


Unfortunately this is not the right forum to be looking for advise on how to program your PIC. We can definitely help you with LabVIEW and any NI hardware, and we will always try our best to help with other hardware as well, however this is a hardware platform that we have no way to help you with through our own resources.


The serial communications you are trying to achieve are part of a universal standard, and it seems that you have one part of the LabVIEW side sorted. I would advise you however to try out the ready-made examples that ship with LabVIEW in order to make absolutely certain that you are sending out your commands/messages correctly and that you are indeed expecting measurements back from your board. In LabVIEW, go to Help> Find Examples, then click on the "Search" tab and search for "serial". In the results you will find the "Basic Serial Write and" and the "Advanced Serial Write and". Both will give you a good starting point, if not the complete solution to what you need for now. You will be able to write to your board and then read back the board's reading.


For information on how to program your PIC to receive your messages and send the right readings through serial 232 comms, a quick search for "DSPIC30f serial comms" on the web will give you enough results to start with. The first result that my search engine came up with is a seminar from the manufacturer.


I hope this helps.

Kind Regards,

Michael S.
Applications Engineer
NI UK & Ireland

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