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How do i get SCXI module slot number by programmatic?

My System Include
  - NI PXI 1045 Chassis
  - NI PXI 8176 1.20 GHz 512MB
  - Labview 8.0 Profassional Development Version
  - NI SCXI 1001 USB Main Frame
  - NI SCXI 1193 500MHz Multiplexer(SLOT1)
  - NI SCXI 1129 Matrix (SLOT12)
How do i get  SCXI module slot  number like PXI solt dection?
Best Regards
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Hi shjeong

I thought you'd be able to do this with property nodes but I can't find the property...

Could you explain why you want this information so I can have a think about it?

Applications Engineer | National Instruments | UK & Ireland
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Dear Sarah,


Thank you for your quick answer.


I know that I could find PXI Slot number by Daqmx property node but not for SCXI.

The reason why I would like to know is below


2. My customer(User) need a SCXI configuration program which can see all information for each slot slot number, device name, serial number etc. like NIMAX.


For example,

SCXI-1001 USB Main Frame  

Slot_Number SCXI Device_Name Serial_Number Daqmx_Name

       1                  SCXI 1129            XXXX                  SC1Mod1

2                  SCXI 1129            XXXX                  SC1Mod2

3                  SCXI 1129            XXXX                  SC1Mod3

4                  SCXI 1167            XXXX                  SC1Mod4

5                  SCXI 1161            XXXX                  SC1Mod5

6                  SCXI 1191            XXXX                  SC1Mod6

12                SCXI 1193            XXXX                  SC1Mod12


2. The NI Korea engineer said that Slot number can distinguished by Daqmx Name, but Daqmx Name can be changed by NIMAX program. Is this a only the way to get information of Slot Number?


Best Regards



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Hello shjeong,

I can't find any way to do this either.  The NI-DAQmx API just doesn't seem to expose the capability to query for the SCXI slot number of a particular module.  If this is a feature that you would really like to see, I would encourage you to submit a product suggestion here

Best regards,
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