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How do I plot square root time on the x-axis?

I have built the vi and I am plotting strain on the y-axis and log time on one waveform graph.  That graph is fine but I also need to plot against square root time in seconds. I have been using an express build xy graph so that I could manipulate time with a square root numeric.  Is there a way to access an absolute time in seconds that will read concurrently with the waveform graph?
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Hi Richard,


Can you give us a picture of the graph you're trying to create? Do you need to read time in seconds and square root time in seconds on the same graph (so, two x-axes)? Thanks for clarifying!

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National Instruments
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I don't know how to insert a picture but they would be separate graphs.  I already have the log scale time graph.  I can't figure out how to make a graph with the square root of time on the x-axis.  While the 2 graphs are separate they should work such that each reads in real time and synchronized.  I tried to using the "delay time" into the "square root" operator then into the "sample collector express" then into the "build xy express" but the graph seemed to be delayed significantly more than the 1 second I assigned.  
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Hello RichardSA,

Check out this Community Example. This plots square root time on the x-axis.

Jon S.
National Instruments
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Can someone please back save the community example to 8.5



Tim C.

1:30 Seconds ARRRGHHH!!!! I want my popcorn NOW! Isn't there anything faster than a microwave!
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