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How do I insert text into a Microsoft Word template using Activex?

I am trying to insert data into a Microsoft Word template. The template has the following fields:








Serial Number:



In addition to these items, it has a header and a footer.


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Do it the same as if you were inserting it into a standard Word document. Apparently the only difference between a document and a template is the file extension.



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Thanks Mike.


I am new to ActiveX, so I don't know how to insert into either a Word document or template

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Hi Nelshinio,


Here is a link on using the Report Generation Toolkit, which is what you will need to insert into either a Word Document or a template for a Word Document.


It outlines the VIs to do this under the section "Adding to Word Document Created from a Template".



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Thanks Peter.


I don't have the Report Generation Toolkit, so I am trying to see if I can accomplish this using ActiveX

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If this is something that is important to you (and your project), I strongly urge you to get the Report Generation Toolkit.  Several years ago (before NI greatly improved the toolkit), I needed to read and write data to an Excel Workbook.  It was not easy using the toolkit, so I bit the bullet and learned enough ActiveX to accomplish the task (it wasn't easy).


I recently was revisiting this application (the Workbook had been significantly redesigned, with different Worksheets and a much better organization).  I discovered that the new Report Generation Toolkit functions were much easier to use, and worked much better, than either the older Toolkit or my custom ActiveX solution.  Furthermore, I discovered that ActiveX "support" within both LabVIEW and Microsoft, in general, was largely missing -- while it was still present on the old Windows XP system running LabVIEW 7.0 and Office 2003, I had a lot of difficulty even finding the appropriate Help files for Windows 7, LabVIEW 2012, and Office 2010.  Another reason to use the Report Generation Toolkit ...

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