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How do I get an Element to have multiple blinking properties?

How do I get an element to have more than one blink property?  Provide an example if possible...Thanks.

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What do you mean by more than one blink property?

Do you want to be able to blink only part of a control? 
Maybe it's possible with some customization.

Do you want to have several places in your code where you can control the blinking?
Simply create several property nodes or ctrl-drag the existing node.

Another option I couldn't think of?

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Ok I have an LED and I'm trying to get the following functionality for 3 bits.

1=Solid Green, 2= Blinking Green( Black Blinking background), 3 = Blinking Red(Black Blinking Back Ground), 4= Blink Red then Green (don't know how to do this), ....

I'm using a case structure to do this.  Is there a local way of specifying background blinkg color for different cases?  Any suggestions welcome.

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I think you would be better off using a colorbox (see e.g. this example). Run it in its own loop and toggle between the various desired colors as needed according to state.

(AFAIK, you don't have control over the blink color for a normal LED.)

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When you say that you are using a case structure to achieve this it isn't clear how you are doing it. The "blink" property just causes the control to cycle between colors that were preselected using the "Tools >> Options>>Colors" from the LabVIEW pulldown tools menu and isn't settable (to my knowledge) during runtime. If you are using the FG and BG colors for your control and selecting them in a case statement, that would be my method too.
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I'm using the case structure to interperate 3 bits or 7 states and am trying to reprensent certain states by various blinking colors.  I'm using the global back ground to achieve this for two of the states but need an additional blinking color.  Does the boolean utilize the foreground blinking state.  If so how.  In the meantime, I'll try the dimmer example as a go by.  Thanks.
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Here's what I had in mind (LabVIEW 7.0).
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Hey, congrats on the upgrade in rating Altenbach!
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Thanks I think this will work! 
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