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How do I display a YUV format video in LabVIEW front panel?

I need to display a YUV 4:2:0 format video (which I have already stored in my computer) in the front panel, but I am not sure which toolkits do I need. Can anyone please tell me how to do this? Thanks in advance.

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LabVIEW does not natively support video.  However, the machine vision toolkit does.  Before you purchase it, make sure it supports the format you are interested in.


Alternatively, I believe you can use ActiveX to host a window on your front panel and then use a third party video codec to display the video.  ActiveX can be used to control the codec.  However, I have never done such a thing, so cannot offer you any more help on this method.


Finally, you may be able to use the call library node or SysExec to control a separate window of a standalone video viewer (such as the open source mplayer).  Unfortunately, I have never done this, either.

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The solution to display the yuv format of video is just download the yuvplayer or yuvfileplayer.


install it and open the yuv file and change the settings for corresponding cif or qcif format and its resolution..


and click on the play...


definitely it will play..




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Neither YUVPlayer nor YUVFilePlayer allow you to embed their capabilities into a LabVIEW front panel. They appear to be simple standalone video players, which is not what the OP needs.


RaiTexas: To expand on DFGray a little, there is a Windows Media Player ActiveX plugin in the LabVIEW .NET & ActriveX palette. With a suitable codec, Windows Media Player should be able to handle your video files, thereby allowing you to play and control the playback within your VI.

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