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How do I determine if a VI is running in the runtime engine or LabView Development Environment?

Is there a function or VI that I can call that will tell me if the program is running in the LabVIEW Runtime Engine or if it is running in the LabVIEW developement Environment?  I am using LabView 8.5.
I have a menu item, File/Exit,  and I would like to call the Exit LabVIEW vi if running in the runtime engine when that item is selected.  However, in development, I don't want to shut down LabVIEW when I select that menu item.
Maybe there is a more appropriate way to exit the program.  However, I am looking for something elegant.  I'm sure I could find some other way to accomplish the same thing, but I'm looking for a clean way to do it.
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use the vi property "application kind"
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Here is a small VI with this exact function.
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Wow, thank you very much.  The App.Kind property worked.

I think I looked at that property yesterday, but I didn't read the help correctly. 

Thanks a lot!!


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