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How do I convert a program I wrote in Labview to a single block

I was wondering how I could create a block with an input and output from a fairly large program I wrote with connections between LabView pre-defined blocks.  The reason I want to do this is that I want to incorporate this code in a larger program without making it look untidy.
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Would I just need to create a subVI?
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Hi Karan, you can turn this VI into a "subVI". Go to your front-panel, and right-click on the icon in the top-right hand corner, and select "Show Connector". You can now connect those little boxes (terminals) to your controls and indicators. Click a terminal, click a control/indicator. Once you've done all that, right-click on the connector pane, and select "Show Icon". You can modify the icon, too. Drag it and drop it into your main VI, and you can use it as a "single block".
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