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How do I connect webcam to Labview using Imaq and how do I use color filters?

Good day to you all!I need to do a project for school (it may be very helpful for others too):-image acquisition using Creative live cam Optica Af(so, connecting webcam to LabView)-image analysis: if color red is absent from (moving) image then send “1” out if it is present, send ‘0’ out if time interval between two ‘1’s (2 absences of red) is <500ms send 1 out                                                                                 else send ‘0’    store 1s and 0s in a row Questions:What is the simplest way to connect a webcam to Labview using IMAQ (Any schematics?)How do I use a color filter to detect the presence/absence of a particular color?Could anyone help me with this project?Thank you very much! Respectfully,                      Tibi  


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I am using LabView 6.1.
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this may answer your questions:


about your webcam

Harold Timmis
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Thank you.

I was aware of that thread and have downloaded the .exe but could not install it because my setup did not meet requirements.

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in the thread it stated that 6 can not work with the webcam. so you need to upgrade
Harold Timmis
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Hi TibiG,


You're going to have to update your system.  The IMAQ for USB drivers (which are not officially supported by NI) are only compatible back to LabVIEW 7.0, not 6.1.  Additionally, as of 2009, we have moved USB support into the IMAQdx driver, which comes with Vision Acquisition Software.  If you are a student, many universities get substantial discounts, and you may even already have a newer version of LabVIEW and/or Vision Acquisition Software.  Also, in the future, please go ahead and post vision-related questions on the Machine Vision boards




Marti C
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National Instruments
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