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How do I change chart x axis scaling during run time and have the acquired data rescale with the change?

Lab view 6i. I am using a strip chart and acquiring data once a second. The X scale is controlled by the X scale multiplier property node which is adjusted from 1 to 60 minutes depending on the desired view. The problem is the acquired data does not rescale.
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I suspect one problem is that you wish to have more samples of data displayed in the 6-minute version (360 samples @ 1 per second) than the 1-minute version (60 samples @ 1 per second). Unfortunately, it appears that one cannot programmatically change the History Length from that defined in the front panel. Changing the X-scale multiplier affects the way the X-scale is displayed and not what is actually recorded or plotted in the chart VI. (Incidentally, I notice that your attached VI samples at 300 millisecs intervals too, but I'm sure you knew that). There are ways around this. Try the attached VI. Does this suit? Personally, I prefer the flexibility of graphs (compared to charts) because of this sort of limitation. Richard.
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