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How can I test the I/O in my NI USB-6009?

I want to test all the Inputs and Outputs of a DAQ NI USB-6009 using LabVIEW. This is to check if all the I/O works correctly.

Actually i do this ussing a voltimeter but its take a lots of time and i want to know if i can do this more automatically ussing LabVIEW.

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Have you tried just looping back the I/O?
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nope im new in LabVew and i was thinking to use structures,

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I don't understand what structure you could use. To confirm that a digital line could output a one or zero, to fully test the path you would need to connect it to a digital line configured as an input. Some DAQ devices have internal loopbacks. I don't know if the 6009 has that capability. You can check the manual. Otherwise, you would need external wiring.
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ok Thanks men!

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