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How can I set the caption text of picture controls inside an array or how can I choose which array element is assigned using the array elements caption text property.

I have 8 picture controls inside an array and I would like to set the caption text of these controls.
I have used the property node of the array and used the array elements property caption text to set the text.
The problem is however that I set the same text to all the picture controls inside the array.
My question is how to set caption text of specific elements (Picture control) that I have so far only been able to access using the array elements caption text property.
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an array is a "container" for elements of the same type. These elements share all the same settings except the data they contain. Therefore, caption, description, size, color and so on will always be the same for all array-elements. You can try this as well with boolean or numeric controls.
If you want different captions for your elements, you have to place them into a cluster (not array) and after that, you can convert the cluster to an array in the blockdiagram via the "cluster to array"-function found in the clusterpalette.

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Some more help
1 You could use the caption of the array and place it in front of the selected picture and update that using property nodes.
2 Like Norbett said if you use a cluster of pictures then their caption can be updated individually.
Here is a an example that demonstrates the above
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Thanks for your advice,
it would have been nice to be able to access the captions of the picture controls individually inside the array, but it's good to know that it is not possible.
I will go on with a solution using clusters instead.
Thanks again.
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