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How can I read multiple tdms file to only a Excel file?


I'm very new to NI instruments and software. I'm currently using NI USB 6008 and LABVIEW Signal Express to log some analogue data. I'm created multiple logs (1000 logs) from the LABVIEW Signal Express. It is very tidious to export every log to Excel, then cut and paste to create only 1 Excel file. Can I know is there anyway for me to read all the tdms file to only a Excel file easily? Thank you very much.




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The easiest way I can think of to do this is to store all of the data in one TDMS file.  You may have to add an iteration number or a timestamp to each title before you save it.  Typically, I put a timestamp in the title so I know it won't get overwritten and I can always figure out when it was taken.


After you get it all in one file, it becomes trivial to convert it to Excel with the TDMS Excel plug-in.  Do you have that?

-Matt Bradley

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Hi Matt,


Thanks for replying. I understand what you mean. But how can I save all the data to a TDMS file? I'm really new to LABVIEW Signal Express. I already have the multiple log of data. Can you explain to me how can I save it to only a TDMS file? Thank you.




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Hi Matt


The data is automatically saved to a TDMS file when you record the data. When you click 'Record' from the toolbar instead of 'Run' Signal express automatically starts logging the data as it runs.


You can set the file location for where to save the TDMS file by going to Tools>>Options and selecting the Logging tab. From here make sure the 'Default Storage directory' has the required file path set.


I hope this helps


Best Regards

Beejal S
NI UK & Ireland
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