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How can I perform a "jump" or a "goto" from a sequence frame to a previous one?

At a point of my program, I need to jump from a sequence frame to a previous one. How can I do it?
Thank you.
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You can't. Imho, sequence structures should never be used. Use a state machine architecture instead to give you the flexibility you want. There's plenty of examples floating around. Start by looking at Examples>Advanced>User Interface Development>User Interface Events.
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That is not possible! You cannot jump from one frame to another frame. A workaround is to replace a sequence structure with a case structure insight a while loop. When you wire the iteration terminal of the loop to the selector terminal of the case structure you have a "sequence structure" with the advantage to stop it in each frame. Returning to your question: Work with a state machine approach! For that you need a case structure insight a while loop with a shift register! So you can always say what the next frame must be.See under the VI templates for an example! => National Instruments\Labview\templates\state machine.vit
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