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How can I make TTL signal on demand?

Hi I am NI USB-6356 User.

I'd like to make a microsecond 5V signal when I push a switch button.

I found that I could make the signal by using counter function, however, I could not control timing.

The signal should be applied exactly when I push a Boolean button.

Could you please help me with this issue?

Thanks in advance.


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A couple of comments:

  • I don't know the USB-6356, so I did what I often do, went to the Web to look for NI's manual.  Oops, they've "improved" their manual delivery -- I had to download NI Package Manager in order to download/install the new NI Help something-or-other which was necessary to read the downloaded Manual.  Except it didn't.  So I can't get any details on pulse creation.
  • Many NI Multifunction devices are designed to create TTL Pulses, and there are usually discussions and examples of "how to" in the Manuals.  If you could read them ...
  • To do anything other than the Trivial, you should not use the Dreaded DAQ Assistant, as it doesn't really give you the finesse you need.  I'm reasonably sure (from having read similar multifunction DAQ manuals when NI provided manuals as .PDFs instead of .NIHelps) that it is relatively straight-forward to wire (possibly with actual copper wire between terminals, or through code to define what drives what inside the device, and how the various inputs to counter-timers can make pulses of variable widths at variable times.

I think what you want to do is fairly simple, but will require that you program the Counter-Timers using DAQmx functions (not the DDA) using information that you can find in the Missing Manuals.


Bob Schor


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