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How can I host a labview application on a webserver?

I have an LV application the uses some USB's on the local computer to run some pumps. I've got a CentOS webserver at home running Apache 2.4.12 and would like to host this application for remote access. Ideally it would pass the USB's through, but I'll figure that part out on my own. Are there precedents for doing this?

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LabVIEW has a built in web server for hosting applications.  I have never heard of anyone hosting it through something else though.

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National Instruments also offers a web UI builder, and you can learn more about it here.  This allows you to build a web-based user interface for your programs.  I have never used it, but it says it can compile "the code into a Silverlight .XAP file, which can then be deployed to any web server for a user to invoke from a web browser".  Maybe this could run on your web server.

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Read this:

And this:

Is this (especially the 2nd one) sort of pointing in the direction you want to go?


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