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How To: Programmatically Scroll Excel

Hey all,

I'm getting more familiar with ActiveX and its use, however I'm stumped on finding a way to do this.  Has anyone ever programmatically scrolled an Excel worksheet?  Maybe I'm looking in the wrong spot...  Would I be able to find how to do this in the Windows API?

Any thoughts/pointers are much appreciated.
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Hi Will
Whenever I am unsure how to do something with Excel in ActiveX, I record a macro in Excel. I then go look at the code in the VBA editor.
Sub Macro1()
' Macro1 Macro
' Macro recorded 15/11/2006 by _
    ActiveWindow.ScrollRow = 27
End Sub
As you can see its possible all you need to do now is translate that to G Smiley Wink
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Ahh, thanks very much.

That's a useful piece of advice too.  Wish I'd thought of it 🙂

This will get linked in the Excel thread.

Thanks again David.
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And just for reference...

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