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Help with ODE Runge Kutta 4th


I need to solve a differential equation system of th form:

a*d2x/dt2 + b*dx/dt + c*dy/dt + k(t)*d*x + k(t)*e*y = T1(t)

f*d2y/dt2 + c*dy/dt + g*dy/dt + k(t)*e*x + k(t)*h*y = T2(t)

where the functions k(t), T1(t) and T2(t) are in an array form, so I can´t enter the system as formulae on the string input of ODE Runge Kutta 4th

What can I do in this case in order to solve the system for x and y using the Runge Kutta algorithm?

any ideas?

kind regards,
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