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Graph from Array

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I have problem with my program.
I can't create a Graph from my Array...

Firstly i read valuse from my file which it looks like:

Power	Density Power	Frequency	Voltage	Current
25,334650E-6	36,900306E-6	190,825684E+0	862,942045E-9	864,983974E-9
24,206653E-6	35,157042E-6	190,825684E+0	827,446001E-9	882,577353E-9
25,580297E-6	36,612237E-6	190,825684E+0	851,907600E-9	863,375192E-9
25,898957E-6	36,910784E-6	190,825684E+0	824,207802E-9	829,508508E-9
26,401393E-6	34,364417E-6	190,825684E+0	807,872595E-9	821,918377E-9
25,830897E-6	34,823581E-6	190,825684E+0	813,358895E-9	836,582956E-9
24,849543E-6	35,491383E-6	197,160889E+0	813,544546E-9	880,989262E-9
25,744268E-6	34,769462E-6	197,160889E+0	826,847838E-9	837,655477E-9

Next i want to create a Graph from the first column. But it didn't work...

What can i change in my program to solve my problem?





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use Spreadsheet String To Array Function
for plot
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Accepted by topic author piotrek1349

Hi piotrek,


why do you read "String" when you need numbers for a graph?

And what's the problem in not using Autocleanup before posting your  block diagram?

It could be as nice as this:


Your VI tells us: you need to learn about AutoIndexing with loops, using efficient functions (like "+1"), and reading the LabVIEW help on each function!


After reading the LabVIEW help yu could simplify your VI to this:


Best regards,

using LV2016/2019/2021 on Win10/11+cRIO
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Accepted by topic author piotrek1349

I would do something like this.  Use Read From Text File with the right-click option to read lines to read the first line (the header).  Then another Read From Text File to read the rest of the file as a single string.  Then use Spreadsheet String To Array to parse the file data into a 2D array.  To graph just the first column, use Index Array with a 0 wired to the "Col" index.

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