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Grabbing cursor with right mouse button

Hello all,


I would like to know if someone knows a way to grab and move a cursor using the mouse right button instead of the left button as usual. The left button event would be to move two cursors simultaneously.


I've try few things already (mostly using mouse event) but without luck.


Thanks in advance!



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Do you have any example code we could work from? (specifically the code for moving both cursors in tandum).

Making a right mouse click work the same as a left mouse click is trivial (in of itself) but doing so might make both the left and right click drag both cursors so I would like to do some testing...


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I dont know the reason why u want swap mouse buttons to move a cursor :[  but...  VI Attached


I had disabled the "normal way" with left button. Remove the "Mouse Down?" event to enable it again.

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Thanks for your example Jiddu...


The reason is that the technicians that will be using the application are used to work that way (form an older app), so they want to keep it that way.


That will be a good start, thanks again!

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