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Generate multitone with USRP N200

Hello, I am a LabVIEW beginner. I need to create a multitone using LabVIEW, and I also need to be able to adjust the number of tones. I have tried two approaches: using the "multitone" or the "basic multitone".


When I used the "multitone" (filename: ""), I was able to see the multitone on LabVIEW's spectrum form. I could also add amplitude and phase to each array in the fundamental frequency to add more tones. However, when I tried to view the tones using my spectrum analyzer and N200, I couldn't see them. The spectrum analyzer only reacted to the carrier frequency. However, I am aware that multitone is not related to the carrier frequency.


When I used the "basic multitone generator", I still couldn't see the tones using my spectrum analyzer.



Is there something I might have missed?

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