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GUI screen doesn't work when transitioning from another screen

Hello dear forum,

I am attaching 3 GUI screens, I called them Menu 1, Menu 2 and Menu 3.

For some reason when I am playing Menu 1 and trying to enter through it to Menu 2, it goes to Menu 2 but the buttons doesn't work.

When I'm starting to play from Menu 2, the menu works just fine, as well as when I'm going from Menu 2 to Menu 3 and back to Menu 2 (by pushing Back button).

I would very appreciate it if someone can point me, to what I'm doing wrong.

Thank you very much.





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This is a complicated setup you have here.


I think several things are coming into play.


1.  Your Event structures are setup to lock the front panel until the event case completes, which won't complete until a subVI completes.

2.  You are closing the front panel of the previously opened VI, which is still running.

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