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GPS simulation from that day

Hi everyone!


Situation : I have a GPS Toolkit for GPS simulation and with Almanacs and Ephemerides files, RF boards and PXI I send a GPS localisation for my A-GPS receiver.



Problématique :  For the localisation, it's ok but for the date my receiver update with the date of the Ephemerides files. I don't want that because Ephemerides files are generate with 1 day later and i want the date of to day ! 



Question : Is it possible to create, generate Ephemerides files with the date i want or edit the date in ??


Thx a lot to read my post and sorry for possible grammatical error.



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Please share some of your code, so we can see what you're dealing with that what your data looks like. I would assume you could add a numeric value to your timestamps to shift them by 1 day to match what you want.


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Check the time zones.  GPS usually works off UTC.

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