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GPIB Stability

We have been using LV 7.1 to communicate with a few instruments via the GPIB interface. However, the program is not very stable. It runs fine for a few hours, but after that it gives me GPIB write errors/ VISA errors. Is there anything i can do to make the program more stable? I guess my problem is that, i'm not able to identify the exact source for the problem. The program runs fine for a few hours and then there is some error. is there a problem with labview/488.2/my program ?

We were also considering moving to LabWindows. What is your opinion on this ?
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What is the error number that you see?

Since LabWindows uses the same driver, if there's a bug in NI-GPIB, it would be still happen there and if there's a problem with the instrument, same thing. If you can provide more details on the nature of the error and what your program is doing, that would help. If you can, attach your program or a sample example that demonstrates the issue.
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Error number is 6 "Error 6 in GPIB". I have increased the timeout period on these VI, and i have also given a small delay between read and write. I hope this solves the problem. I have attached the subVI.Please let me know if there is any room for improvement in the code.
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Have you tried GPIB example shipped with LabVIEW?

And, what instruments you are controlling? Many of them actually having GPIB drivers for download.
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