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Front Panel String Control holding previously entered values for Future Use

Hi All,


Iam trying to work on the following requirement.

I have String Control which accepts IP address on the Front Panel. When the User runs the exe and he enters the Ip address in the string control and my exe will communicate with that RT and get data.


Now I want to holds the previous entered IP address for future use. I.e. The user open the exe for first time and he enters some IP address ( and closes the exe. Now when the user opens the exe and tries to type a new it should list down the previously IP address in the drop downlist allowing the user to select it.


In the similar manner it should hold only 5 last entered IP address.


Please let me know how to work on this.


Thanks In advance.



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I would use a drop down combo box....


  • write the user ip to a file, append to file
  • read the file and populate the combo box with your multiple ip address string array using properties "strings[]"
  • since it is an array, use the 'delete from array' and the 'delete portion' of it and set the length to 5


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Sounds like a job for configuration files.


This post should be a nice springboard for where to find more information about them.

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