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Filter Settling Time?

I am measuring vibration with a 9234 module.  The module is currently set to 2560Hz and I am reading 2028 samples with each iteration of my read loop.  


I am using hte SVL Integration VI to convert from acceleration to velocity.  I have the included high pass filter set to 5 Hz.  I assume that this software filter has a settling time?  


Assuing the answer to the above is yes:

Does the filter settle with each iteration of the loop or does settling happen only one time?  (Ther is no feedback to the integration vi from one run to the next.)

Is there a way to know how long the settling time is?

I assume that I could read extra data and then eliminate the initial data prior to any analysis to eliminate any data prior to settling?

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Take a look at these links as they may answer some underlying questions.


There is also a property node within LabVIEW in the DAQmx palette that can display or get the value that you are looking for. The property is AI.FilterDelay

Rob W.
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