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Fast update on remote panel

Hello All,
I have a front panel with a few knobs, 4 XY graphs and other numeric controls. All the XY plots have points drawn on them every 1 second. The trouble is when I look at the front panel with a remote connection (LAN, intranet) the update speed seems to be about 7-11 seconds. Every 7-11 seconds, I can see the XY plots updating where as the data acquisition is every second. Although the update speed in every 6-11 seconds on the remote panel, all the data points are drawn. I would like the user to see the XY plot update in real time. Does anyone have any ideas on how I can increase the update speed? Thank.

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The slow update speed could be caused by the XY graphs. Try to see if reducing the number of XY graphs increases the speed. Also, try using charts rather than graphs and that should improve the performance.

Ankita A.
National Instruments
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